'Whale Watching in Bermagui' Artist: Narelle Perroux

'Whale Watching in Bermagui' Artist: Narelle Perroux


S.V. Pelican1 is a story ship - whose journeys are not just physical dalliances across the ocean, but journeys through cultural, traditional and scientific seascapes of immense beauty and importance.


We are here to keep 'Sea Country' alive.





Celebrating 12 years of Two Bays


December 2016

Port Phillip and Western Port support a range of highly important ecosystems and habitats, a diverse and range of animals and plants, and provide many environmental, social and economic benefits to Victorians.

The bays are an important part of the cultural heritage for the Kulin people and continue to be the focus for a wide range of cultural activities and endeavours.

The future health of our two bays depends on the way in which we use and manage our catchments. There are also many risks to the marine environment posed by climate change.

Two Bays provides a unique opportunity for bay managers and stakeholders to build knowledge, engage coastal communities, form partnerships to better understand and protect bay values, and to highlight the our links with bay health. The program is designed to develop deeper cross-collaboration and knowledge sharing. The program has also created a unique curriculum based on the science and traditional knowledge of both bays. This year we are planning to focus on marine pests and strengthening our coastal communities.  Follow link to Two Bays for the Two Bays 2017 program.

Photo by Chris Hayward

Photo by Chris Hayward

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Two Bays February 2016

Port Phillip & Westernport Bay, VIC

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April  2017 - Pelican1 is back at the Royal Melbourne Yacht Club after her Bass Strait Islands voyage.