Pelican1 is shown here at anchor a few days ago at Portland Rds. We are now sheltering in the lee of Orchid Point. If I look over Loyd Bay behind the boat you can just make out the mouth of Lockhart River with binoculars. If you look at the map below you can follow where we are..

Weather keeps rolling in on the trades, from sunshine to white outs. When washing clothes I let the rain rinse them and then they are dry.


The coast here is ringed with distant mountains that echo their ancient connection with Papua from a long ago land bridge. Mangroves line the edges and are the tallest specimens I have ever seen. One of the young Lockhart teachers talked about going out croc spotting at night in the Lockhart river and seeing lots of pairs of red eyes looking at them.


Our work further South with the Lamalama mob has been stymied by the very strong high pressure which has strengthened the SE trade winds. We tried to travel South early Wednesday morning and sought shelter after a green wave crashed over the port bow and we were in danger of damaging the boat. My daughter was sick for the first time ever after a lifetime of journeys on board (8 years). The winds are due to quieten down over the next few days and we will then continue to work out of Portland Rds for a few days and then take some TO's (Traditional Owners) over to camp at a coral cay for two days after that.

AuthorMichelle Quach