It is a bit of a logistical impossibility to have a day off on Pelican, even though on paper we are not sailing out today.

As I write I can see wires coming out of the electrical board as the skipper is replacing some wiring. Raf is down in the Galley with Michelle helping her wipe down all the surfaces as it is a contstant fight against mould in this tropical heat. (Tea tree is an excellent mould repellant).

I am catching up on office stuff, reports and planning. Lots to research as well. My daughter is doing a bit of literacy by writing about her adventures in Northern Sea Country to a friend.

The sea is an incredible colour today as the sun is finally out in all her glory but even a swim is out of the question as we have seen the local croc and he/she is pretty big. So the occasional bucket over the head does the trick.
AuthorMichelle Quach