Ben Thompson

Karl and Raf met Ben in Portland Rds when they went ashore to use the public phone. Ben was staying at the guesthouse as he was working for Qbuild on construction work in Lockhart. There was no accommodation for him in the community so he was travelling the 40 mins commute everyday. We all had dinner together and then he offered to drive us into town the next day.


We were very happy to take him up on the offer as we wanted to visit the school and have some time on land getting to know Lockhart itself.


When we arrived at the Lockhart River State school  , we quickly found the Pelican trip posted on the main notice board. The pictures were constantly being looked at by the students.


After meeting the principle we went into the main computer room to visit some of the kids and catch up with Ben knight, one of the teachers who came out on the Pelican. The teachers had posted a story of one of the days out on the wall.


Already the teachers and kids were planning to use the pictures taken on the day to make digital stories about sea country. The Pelican crew had given the school a DVD of all the pics that we had all taken and the teachers gave us a DVD of theirs. The same teachers will be there next year and we are hoping to work together over the next year to plan a journey that would involve the kids helping to create curriculum from their experiences on sea country and hearing the stories from their Elders and possibly scientists sharing their knowledge about the Great Barrier Reef.


Lockhart school kids who all came on Pelican.


Vincent Temple is a Kuuku Ya'u TO (Traditional Owner) and came out over three days with us on Kuuku Ya'u country. He is showing a picture here that Barry Pascoe painted about the Pascoe River. He works at the school as a teacher.


Pelican (Maathuy in Kuuku Ya'u) painted on the side of the Secondary School.


Inside the Secondary School we met Zachary Claudie, who is a young painter and he spends a lot of his time in the art room creating these beautiful pieces.


I asked Tenielle, who teaches Secondary, about this painting and she told me it was an attendance roll. Every time a student entered the classroom he/she adds a line in a colour they have chosen. The colour orange is at the moment the most apparent which reflects the fact that Zachary is there quite a lot. Orange is his colour. Brilliant idea.

AuthorMichelle Quach