Bye bye Pelican! Kids from Lockhart River State school being ferried to shore at Portlands Rds by Garry, Pelican's skipper, after their day out in Sea Country


Pelican can be seen anchored on the far right of this picture on an unusually calm evening in Portland Rds.

We wish to acknowledge and pay our respects to the Kuuku Ya'u Traditional Owners and Elders past and present. We were very fortunate to spent just over 2 and 1/2 weeks in this country and visit it in the company of TO's and their families. In our short time here we have learnt and experienced so much and we hope to be able to return.


On Tuesday morning we set sail for Port Stewart where we planned to have a day with the Lamalama on Wednesday.


Kuuku Ya'u country receding over the horizon. We made better time than we thought and managed to motorsail most of the way. We arrived at Port Stewart at 3am the next day.


Passing a small island with one of the channel markers that guide the larger vessels through the reef.


Our cook, Michelle and a red sky at night.


The journey allowed some crew members to catch up on some rest. Aurora and Karl catch a few zzzzz's.

AuthorMichelle Quach