Before we head out to Cape Flattery to do the Hope Vale project I just wanted to share a few images from our brief stay at Lizard Island (In language  Jiigurru - meaning Stingray) on our return to Cooktown. The island has special significance to the Guugu Yimithirr and we were fortunate to have a day there on our way to restock in Cooktown.


The island has an exclusive resort and has a beautifully protected harbour that yachties flock to. A key part of the Hope Vale Pelican project has been connecting the TO's (traditional owners) and families to this Sea Country and Island that used to be visited by canoe for important ceremonies and food. These journeys ceased after a massacre on Cape Flattery (over a hundred years ago), which was in reprisal for the death of a white woman called Mary Watson. The people murdered had nothing to do with the sad circumstances of Mary's death.


Granite rocks on Jiigurru


In 2008 as part of the Hope Vale project a canoe voyage was enacted, reclaiming the traditional journeys and empowering the young people who took part. A digital story made by the Hope Vale community can be seen of this voyage at

We had a short time in the water and below are some images,


giving a glimpse into the worlds beneath the surface.


Inside a clam shell.


Raf showing the giant clam.


AuthorMichelle Quach