I was dreamily reading when Karl stuck his head down into the office and yelled "Quick, pass my camera"

Running out and grabbing mine, I saw their blunt nosed forms racing towards the boat from the starboard side.


On the bow there were already about 15 whales, leaping and cavorting in front of astonished Pelican crew. Garry was saying he had never seen pilot whales do this before. Photos cannot do the event justice. Any pilot whale experts out there with similar stories- drop us a line.


We noticed, and you can just see in the right of this photo, one lone, large dolphin playing with the bows as well.
Perhaps he is a lone bow riding persuader, roaming the oceans and converting new creatures to his favourite past time?

Postscript: Pilot whales sounds pretty exiting but I fear that on reflection they were a little too small and the dorsal fin too sharp. But I have to say Risso Dolphins (which is what I am pretty certain they were) are also pretty cool. And no wonder they were behaving like dolphins.



Post postscript: I have since sent a photo to Dr Peter Gill who knows a thing or two about whales and it seems our Pilot Whales/ Risso Dolphins are False Killer Whales!

AuthorMichelle Quach